To provide a means to actualize whole system living that is economically sustainable from one generation to the next and serve as a model to the wider public of how to live in harmony with the Earth and all Life.


1. Raise enough funds through a crowdfunding Capital Campaign to purchase and transfer the land from private ownership into a community land trust (CLT). 2. Raise enough funds to improve the infrastructure, facilities and grounds. 3. Raise enough funds to purchase of the neighbouring Adirondack parcel of land for future staff and community use. 3. Partner with the Nipmuc First Nations People in stewarding and protecting the land. 4. Co-create, improve and expand program and education course offerings at Earthlands (EL) and foster easy accessibility to marginalized communities.  5. Be an incubator, explorer and adopter of native, innovative and emerging technologies such as bio-mimicry, renewable energy systems, permaculture, Indigenous farming practices, and sustainable architecture.


1.) Purchase Earthlands Lodge Parcel (47.8 acres) - $400,000                    Initial goal of the current 60 day campaign


2.) Repair and upgrade the grounds and facilities - $180,000                    Conservation improvements, off-grid solar expansion, building retrofitting, and systems upgrade 3.) Purchase Adirondack Lot Parcel (47.24 acres) - $235,000                    Site for the upcoming staff housing center 4.) Purchase John Seed Woods, IEA, Woodland, Underground and East Chambers land parcels (total 73.91 acres) - $665,000                    Site for Nipmuck Cultural and Educational Center