The PROPERTY Earthlands, with its new Board of Directors and Advisory Board is preparing to enter into a legally binding “Lease to Purchase Agreement” to purchase the Earthlands core property. The property will be placed into a community land trust.

The programs will be offer through theEarthlands Program Center, theUniversity of the Wild, and theEarthlands Collective, a group similar mission-driven organizations.

The NEW Institute for Environmental Awareness, Inc (IEA) New Leadership of Earthlandswill come through its new “Working” IEA Board of Directors, made up of:

Dr. Allen Davis, President

Dylan Howard, Treasurer

Dr. Larry Buell, Clerk

Dr. Kate Showers, Member

Lenore Anderson, Member

The IEA Board will receive support and advise from the Earthlands Advisory Boardwho serve as “Keepers and Stewards” of the Land and the Vision – Members include: Bill Pfeiffer, David “Tall Pine” White, Bill Grover, and Margaret Ardnt.

“…thanks to Earthlands for the vision, the inspiration, and the beautiful manifestation.”

Catherine S., Program Participant


Earthlands Community Land Trust. A “Lease to Purchase Agreement” is being prepared between the Earthlands property owner and the IEA, this will allow the sacredEarthlands property to be placed within a public community land trust which will assure ecological protection and use as an educational facility in perpetuity.

Alternative Economy and Culture. Earthlands has always been on the “cutting edge” of demonstrating new and sustainable paractices. To this end, Earthlands recently hosted a “Future is Now Festival” and was paid with rCredits, an alternative currency being implemented in the Pioneer Valley.

Activism and Earthlands. A rich history of environmental and social justice activism can be found at Earthlands, from the founding of Earthlands in 1993 by an Animal Rights Group, the Chautauqua Retreat in 2000 by the Rainforest Action Nertwork, various programs by International Rainforest Activist, John Seed, and the latest, retreat by UMass Fossil Fuel Divestment Campaign in March, 2016 when the successful divest campaign was planned.

The Nipmuk Meadow. Earthlands and the present land owner are working with the Nipmuk Cultural Preservation, Inc. in drafting a Memorandum of Understand that will eventually transfer seven (7) acres surrounding the “Underground Chambers” to the Nipmuks to be used as cultural education site with a pre-contact Indigenous Village to be used as a part of the UofWild curriculum.


Earthlands & University of the Wild

2016 Workshops, Conferences, and Gatherings


Earth Lover’s Winter Retreat with Cathy Pedevillano and Bill Pfeiffer


UMass Fossil Fuel Divestment Campaign Retreat


America’s Stonehenge Spring Vernal Equinox Ritual with Katja Esser


16-17 GCC Ancient Living Skills with Walker Korby (Credit Class)

15-17 Future is Now Festival Retreat A Retreat to focus on the new skills and abilities required of the new Cultural Paradigm. Contact; &


4th (Sat.) Shamanic Training with Cathy Pedevillano

9-12 Turn Bridge Retreat for Men. 
(Closed Program)19th (Sun.) America’s Stonehenge Summer Solstice Ritual with Katja Esser. 2-5 PM

24-26 Daughter’s of the Earth with ALisa Starkweather
A gathering of Women to build new paradigms with women leaders. A place on the land for council, celebration, and empowerment of women’s visions.


4 – 5 Nature In & Nature Out Bicycle Tour Campout (Closed Program)
15-17 Into the Dreamtime: Shamanic Healing Immersion. Immersion in the realm of animal, planet, and mineral for healing and guidance.

17 (Sun.) Nipmuk Native American Teachings and Reenactment with Ken Hamilton.
3:00 PM Nipmuk Teachings at Earthlands and a 5:30 PM a reenactment in period costume of life during the period of 1620 – 1720. Contact: <>Co-sponsored with the Petersham Historical Society.

28 (Thurs.) The Swift River: Natural and Cultural History with Larry Buell and Robert Clark 4:00 PM at the Petersham Country Store. Contact: <>

30th (Sat.) Earth Tribe Gathering with Laney Goodman & Bill Pfeiffer. Building a resilient and strong community at a time of transition. Contact:
Earthlands 2016 Thursday Sustainable Living Series

A Series of Sustainable Living Skills and “in-the-field” experiences to educate the Citizenry to “live and learn in ecological connection and harmony with the “Earth and All Life”.



Thursday, August 4…..Summer Edible Wild Plants.  
Eating from the woods and fields of central Massachusetts.
with Nova Kim & Les Hook

 Thursday, August 11….Gardening Year Round*.  Simple methods of extending the growing season with Daniel Botkin, Laughing Dog Farm, Gill, MA

Thursday, August 18….Moving Toward Alternative Energy in Our Homes. State-of-the-Art principles and practices of reducing energy use with Gail Burrington, Solar Edge

Thursday, August 25….Introduction to Ancient Living Skills.  Skills of fire starting, debris hut construction, and cordage making with Frank Grindrod,

*Workshop will be at Laughing Dog Farm, Gill, MA


Aug. 11th (Thurs.) Sacred Women’s Garthering with Nana Willma. Nina Wilma is a respected Indigenous Elder, spiritual healer, and holder of the Sisterhood of the Staff. Contact:

Aug. 26-28 Earth Alive: A Deep Ecology Gathering with Brad Hyson, Cathy Pedevillano, and Bill Pfeiffer. Celebration of the miraculous living Planet. Workshops, circles, and healing processes with opportunities for rest, relaxation, and renewal.

27th (Sat.) Annual Historic Walk and Driving Tour with Larry Buell A Tour of early and unique historic sites of Petersham, including the Nipmuk “Underground Chambers”, early homesteads, and mills and farms. Co-sponsored with the Petersham Historical Society. Contact:

30th (Tues.) Mutual Credit and Sociocracy with John G. Root, Jr. Interactive seminar on the nature of money, the infrastructure of the new economy, and the decision-process, Sociocracy. 1-5 PM Contact:


16-18 Priestess Path Apprenticeship #1 with ALisa Starkweather.
A nine month women’s training in the sacred journey of the ancient archetype to learn power, influence, and dream manifestation. Contact:

10 (Sat.) Educating, Counseling, and Healing with Nature with Kelly Mitchell.Philosophy, skills, and techniques for authentic re-connection the the Earth. Based on the work of Dr. Michael Cohen and NatureConnect.
Contact: www.projectnature <>

19th (Mon.) Annual Meeting of the Earthlands Membership 8:00 PM Main Lodge

20th (Tues.) Alternative College, Credits, and Credibility: The University of the Wild Curriculum. Invited content specialists will discuss curriculum options for anEarth-based, self-directed, and experiential-based living and learning community. 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Contact: <>

23-25 Retreat #1 Future is Now Movement. How to build and sustain a regenerative culture through alternative currency, Sociocracy governance, alternative business models, and stakeholder cooperatives.
Series of Retreats: Oct. 28-30; Nov. 11-13; and Dec. 9-11, &

1 (Sat.) Introduction to Mentorship with Mark Morey. The philosophy, content, and methods of whole person, society, and nature mentorship 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM $50.00

30-Oct. 2 AERO Education Revolution with Alternative Education Resource Organization Annual Retreat. 
Workshops and trainings in a range of alternative education strategies from radical pedagogy to learning communities. Contact:

7-9 Fall Earth Lover’s Retreat with Cathy Pedevillano and Bill Pfeiffer.
A gathering of kindred spirits around Nature connection, healing, and rest and rejuvenation.  Contact:

13 (Thurs.) University of the Wild Sampler Samples of the UofWild curriculum, including, philosophy, permaculture practice, green living, personal transformation, “Sense of Place”, Ancient Living skills, and more. 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Contact: <>

14-16 Dream Factory Retreat (Closed) An educational women’s organization who take over their life, their work, and their world.

21-23 Priestess Path Apprenticeship
#2 with ALisa Starkweather – See September description.

29th (Sat.) Deeper Roots II with Katja Esser and Laney Goodman.
A daylong workshop and ceremony in remembrance of our ancestors. Deep processing of story, transformational healing, and ancestor rituals.


5 (Sat.) Earth Writer’s Prose & Poetry Retreat Writing, instruction, and coaching on prose and poetry writing and photographic skills and understandings. 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM Contact:

27 (Sun.) Annual Earthlands Thanksgiving Potluck and Community Gathering 2:00-8:00 PM

Earthlands and the University of the Wild are Special Projects of the Institute for Environmental Awareness, Inc., a 501(c)(3) Tax-Exempt Non-Profit Education Corporation founded in 1973

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Use tent on 50 acres of meadow, with 30 bed lodge and surrounding cabins for one day with an OPTION to renew each year for yourself, OR give each year to a approved Non-Profit organization of your choice, at Earthlands cost of operation.
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