Nipmucs Receive Deeded Land from Earthlands as The NEW North Medicine Circle Stone is Placed. from Dylan Howard on Vimeo.

On Wednesday evening, August 17th, just hours before the Full Moon, Larry Buell, founder and steward of Earthlands, stood near the new North Standing Stone of Earthlands huddled under an off-grid light with Fred Freeman, Chairperson of the Nipmuk Cultural Preservation, Inc. where they exchanged gifts and acknowledged to the public, the transfer of land back to the Nipmuc People. Buell has worked with David “Tall Pine” White, Nipmuc Language Keeper and Tribal Council Member for over a decade to secure the land so that a Nipmuc Cultural Site can be established where, according to Freeman, “…people of Nipmuc heritage could rediscover and reconnect with their natural surroundings in order to offer a balance to the ever increasing distractions of Modern Life…”. Fred Freeman, Kuttabotomish Netomp, his Nipmuc name, accepted the deeded land for the Nipmucs or “people of the inland fresh water” whose ancestors have live on the land from Ancient times to Colonial Times.

Freeman expressed his sincere gratitude to Buell and the Earthlands Community for the gift of the property. In addition, Freeman noted, “…that Nipmuc people and their families still exist forming an unbroken line of continued residence in their traditional homeland of central Massachusetts….”. He went on to state, “…that today, through this event we mark the first time since the early 1700’s that the Nipmuc People have had a collective community presence in the “Nichewaug” area in Petersham”.


Kuttabotomish Netomp Aquene…