The Earthlands Community Land Trust

The Earthlands Community Land Trust

A Special Project of the Institute for Environmental Awareness, Inc.

Vision Statement:
Planet Earth is an interconnected, natural ecological system where human beings learn and thrive in sacred harmony with all life. Inspired and informed by the Earth herself, people enjoy conscious, creative, sustainable, and regenerative lives that integrate ecological, social, economic, emotional, and spiritual endeavors.

Mission Statement.
The Mission of the Earthlands Community Land Trust is to acquire, hold, and steward land, buildings, and selected installations in order to preserve, conserve, and otherwise protect and steward such holdings in accordance with the vision and mission of Earthlands, which includes, but is not limited to, Earth-based living and learning, personal transformation, and social justice initiatives.

Goals of the Community Land Trust.
The goals of the Earthlands Community Land Trust are to own property and to provide stewardship and guardianship of all lands used by the Institute and other similar mission-driven organizations and to be a sustainable and regenerative model. Specifically to:

  1. Acquire and hold property in trusteeship for the use by the Institute, its Special projects, and other similar mission-driven organizations;

  2. To hold selected land and property in stewardship for present asnd future generations by keeping the land from pressures of speculation, unsustainable development, and fragmentation;

  3. To provide affordable access to land and housing for individuals, families, and groups through purchase, long-term ground-lease agreements, and/or rentals through cooperative and community land trust agreements;

  4. To encourage, support, model, and implement patterns and practices of land and property ownership, use, management, and development based on the “state-of-the-art” responsible, sustainable, and regenerative practices;

  5. To require long-term sustainable and regenerative productivity of land and property based on local ecological and cultural practices;

  6. To offer to the public a “state-of-the-art” ecological land-use and sustainable community development the form of an EcoVillage for education, research, and personal well-being;

  7. To support and encourage community living as a way to support all other programs of Earthlands/IEA, the local community and bioregion, and national and international spheres. Encourage a range of populations to use and learn from the land trust operation, including, but not limited to Indigenous First Nation Peoples, minorities, less privileged, and urban dwellers;

  8. To oversee the economical, community, educational, and personal practices taking place on the land trust properties to assure their long-term viability and sustainability, and Offer a “long-term Ground Lease” to members of the Earthlands Collective/Partnership Groups.

Prepared by the Earthlands Land Committee of the

Earthlands Land Trust

Bill Grover, Acting Chair, Revised, October 10, 2016