In the last two decades, the Earthlands Center has provided a broad range of programs and offerings including college courses, a retreat site for organizations and individuals, festive seasonal gatherings, and conference venue space. Short and long-term residential programs have focused on environmental education, sustainable living, Earth activism, youth empowerment, personal healing, and individual and group retreat opportunities. The Center has hosted conferences and retreats for organizations, such as Greenpeace, Rain Forest Action Network, Northeast Sustainable Energy Association, ForestDance, and New Warriors. There have been long-term programs by Adventure Game Theatre, Mythic Warriors, Daughters of the Earth, the Priestess Path, and local colleges and universities.

Internationally known Earth Activists and Social Change Advocates have shared their work at Earthlands, including Ana Maria Guacho, Indigenous Ecuadorian Medicine Woman; Nana Wilma, Indigenous Guatemalan Medicine Woman; John Seed, Australian Rain Forest Activist; Diana Leaf Christian, Community Organizer; John Robbins, Health Advocate; Malidoma Somé, African Initiated Elder; Paul Rezendes, Author and Tracker, Elliot Coleman, Master Gardner; Dave Jacke, Master Permaculturalist; Harvey Wasserman, Earth Activist; Jill Stein, Political Activist; and Richard Heinberg, Peak Oil Advocate.

Many interns, apprentices, and volunteers have assisted with the programs, organic permaculture gardens, constructing and maintaining the facilities, administering the non-profit corporation, and serving as support staff for numerous programs and caretaker groups coming to Earthlands.