University of the Wild at Earthlands

Earth-based Education: Rooted in a living and learning community, the University of the Wild is an advanced experiential-based educational curriculum of self-directed mentorship that combines the Path of Personal Transformation with the Path of Regenerative Ecological Living. The goal within the next two years is to have a “Semester on Earth” where students live and learn in community. Programs are offered and credited through local colleges and universities.

Our curriculum on Personal Transformation focuses on personal growth work that acknowledges the gift and contribution of the individual to the whole. Programs are supported by findings in quantum physics and infused with ecology practice, Ancient Indigenous Wisdom, listening strategies, and creativity. We aim to intimately connect the learner with Community, Nature, Spirit and Self and our experiential program includes:

* Personal Practice and Well Being
* Original Indigenous Teachings
* Conscious Communication
* Honoring our Ancestral Roots
* Activism in Support of the Earth
* Shamanic and Spiritual Studies
* Personal Growth and Self-Empowerment
* Community Building through Joint Projects

Our curriculum on Regenerative Ecological Living focuses on innovative, visionary practices and activities grounded in Earth-based sciences like ecology, biology, and bio-mimicry combined with “hands-on” technical skill building. We aim to create connectedness and “well-being” through a regenerative environment and our experiential program includes:

* Permaculture and Organic Gardening
* Carbon-Neutral and Regenerative Building
* Alternative Green Energy
* Feng Shui and Sacred Geometry
* Cultural and Natural History
* Biological and Ecological Studies
* Radical Simplicity and Ecological Footprinting
* Ancient Wilderness Living Skills